Funding and Creativity

Companies die because they fail to focus on delivering great consumer experiences - not because they didn't raise enough money or hire enough engineers. Although those may be important issues to combat and fix, companies who are delivering terrible experiences are bound to die much quicker than companies who have a lack of funding/resources. 

"Good funding will kill a bad product faster than no funding will kill a great product."

Having no funding, credibility, and engineers on my team is a situation I’ve had a lot of experience with, especially as a young founder and CEO. However, this situation has always forced me to adapt and use my creativity to build products and get customers. It is integral for every founder and early-stage employee to utilize a high-level of creativity when building an experience for a customer. Pouring gasoline on a fire will only fuel the fire for a certain amount of time. Eventually, you won't have any more gasoline, and the fire will subside. In a similar fashion, cash won't indefinitely solve your issues - creativity will.